Why tricycle advertising?

Advertising means to spread the awareness of the product and services that you and your company are meant to provide. It is not essential every time that only advertisement through costlier media can bring awareness and businesses. Nowadays, there has emerged in large scale the advertisement through tricycle. You must have seen tricycle loaded with large size billboards displaying printed script and designs purposing to advertise any product or services. This is one of the growing advertisement media at a very low cost. Every person doesn’t hold the newspapers and watch television ads, nowadays. So, advertisement through these sources often doesn’t reach to extreme. Sometimes, the people are not aware of the best products and services they are looking and have demand for. But, when a tricycle branding is done, it meets your expected customers to an eye level contact. It is a way which directly spreads awareness without considering public interested or not. It is obvious for pulling one’s concentration when something attractive and interested scripts are passed by. Through tricycle branding, it is possible to advertise in especially targeted location and in planned hours. It is possible to catch hold of attention of particular group of people you are interested to target and spread awareness in them.

Benefits of Tricycle Advertising


You can easily count the leads that are generated from the area it has spread its awareness.


Low Cost and More Benefits in Local as well as Wider Area.


Explain On Time About Services to Customer


Anytime Eye Catches


Complete Advantage of Outdoor Media With low cost


Maximum Visibility, More Leads


Tricycle Branding

Tricycle is two way of branding i.e visibility and leads generation. Tricycle an ad gives you perfect reaches a low cost. We give dedicated tricycle ads with your targeted location and crowd areas.

Pamphlet Distribution

Pamphlet Distribution is our core advertisement solution. This is one of the oldest but useful advertising strategies. We give small but target location promotion and branding through Pamphlet Distribution.

Social Media Promotion

Social media is trending advertising solution. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. We gives advance social media promotion with tricycle and pamphlet promotion.

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